Power Without an Outlet: 9 Gadgets to Take Off-the-Grid

A round-up of the coolest gadgets that generate power without electricty

Taking yourself completely off-the-grid can be a rejuvenating and refreshing experience. Spending some time without the constant stream of TV or internet at your fingertips is necessary for everyone’s sanity. But, without any power in the woods, or in the outdoors without electricity, can be challenging. And not just challenging because we live in a society so addicted to gadgets and computers. I mean challenging in the sense of no light, or no GPS in times of need. [slideshow:1062]

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Thankfully, advancements in technology are also changing the way we can safely experience the outdoors. With solar panels and thermodynamics, we can take and create power just about anywhere. And as an outdoor enthusiast, power on-the-go can be an absolute lifesaver. Add some juice to your cell-phone when you need to send an emergency text, or crank up the power of your radio to listen in on the happenings of the world you left behind.

These advancements are not only helping hikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, but also changing the world. Imagine living in a country that does not have power sources available, no running water or electricity. To simply have a light to see where you are going in the dead of the night is a luxury that everyone should have. With solar paneled technology, this is finally available to those who need it.

Portability and power have come together in some of the coolest gadgets we’ve ever seen. Everything from a camping stove that stores excess heat from boiling water to create a power source to charge your USB devices to a solar paneled tablet that includes patented technology on GPS, weather forecasting, and radio communication. These 9 gadgets will keep you charged off-the-grid. Add them to your survival kit, or take them on your next backpacking journey. Whatever the occasion may be, it’s nice to know you can still find power without electricity.

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