Places to Visit in 2015

From Cleveland, Ohio to Chengdu, China—these are the top spots of 2015

Seoul, South Korea

A new year means new resolutions; this year you should resolve to travel more.[slideshow:1226]

As we all know a resolution or goal is much more successful when it is as specific as possible, so we’re here to help you nail down the details. Arguably the biggest—and toughest—decision of any trip is deciding where to go. You have to choose what area is worth seeing, eliminating all the rest until a later date. Though some of us have a list of top destinations we’d like to visit, it’s important to factor in what’s going on in the area and plans they may have for 2015.

Many of the destinations on our list are just now gaining recognition and popularity. These places will soon be packed with travelers—visit now and beat the crowd.

We’ve outlined 15 top destinations, from Cleveland, Ohio to Chengdu, China; these are the spots you should consider for your 2015 travel plans.

Santa Marta, Colombia

Colombia’s tourism industry has seen sizable growth over the past few years, with special emphasis on Cartagena’s UNESCO World Heritage sites and, more recently, Bogotá’s major infrastructure improvements. But many travelers are still overlooking a real historic gem--Santa Marta. Founded in 1525, Santa Marta was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia and today it is the oldest surviving city in the country. Nearly 500 years of history sets this city apart from the rest, it’s home to some incredibly authentic museums and cathedrals, but Santa Marta has something to please every traveler. Beaches give way to reefs with excellent snorkeling, ancient ruins wait to be rediscovered in Tayrona National Park and the nightlife is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Cleveland, Ohio

This year’s opening night for the Cleveland Cavaliers was potentially the most exciting the city has ever seen. The dimmed lights, thousands of ecstatic fans waving red glow sticks and the official appearance of LeBron James donning a Cavaliers jersey on his home court once again. His return is just one of many signs that the city has made an incredible comeback. Cleveland was once “the heart of the industrial revolution,” but it has flourished into a city of independent craft beer breweries, citywide celebrations and passionate cyclists—an all-around amazing place to visit.

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