This Piece of Abstract Art Doubles as a Bike Mount

The Bike Valet is a storage solution that turns your bike into a piece of art

Bike storage for anyone living in a big city can be a pain. Small apartments—or really any size apartment for that matter—can turn just a bit of clutter into an overwhelming mess. You can leave your bike outside, but you run the risk of it not being there when you go to use it. There is no ideal situation.

These are the circumstances that led to the creation of The Bike Valet.  Steven Tiller, the designer of the project, lives in a tight city apartment so the struggle of bike storage was all too real. After losing an expensive bike to thieves while it was locked up outside, he decided to keep his bike in his apartment. But the bike left inside created clutter and after tripping over the bike and ripping his pant leg, he decided to create a solution that was not only practical, but also attractive—The Bike Valet.

The Bike Valet is not just an indoor wall bike mount, but is designed as a form of abstract art. It’s constructed using 1/8” cold steel is cut with a laser cuter and it is then heated up and bent out by hand, creating a dignified shape. The finishes on these stylish mounts include: pale green, blue, red, cream white, grey, and black and the pad to rest your bike on comes in the choices of leather or neoprene. The Bike Valet comes equipped with two hooks suitable for bags, helmets and gear and it has a hole so you can lock your bike into the mount if you’d like. The Bike Valet is 24 inches high and weighs about six pounds. When correctly mounted to the wall it bulges 12 inches out from the wall, allowing handlebars with widths up to 21 inches—that’s enough to fit a majority of road bikes and urban fixed-gear riders.

The Bike Valet is a mount that incorporates style, form and function. This abstractly shaped mount integrates both art and practicality, which makes it unique. Let’s face it—a simple pair of bike hooks or a simple bike mount would be just fine, but why hang a mount that just isn’t nice to look at in your home, where you and everyone else will be looking at it.

The Bike Valet got its start through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and can now be preordered on their website for $98.

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