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Video Interview Tips: What to Wear

Dress appropriately

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Coronavirus has affected a lot of things in people’s lives, including haveing a huge impact on the job market. Employers may not be conducting in-person interviews, and as a result, more video interviews are being done to maintain social distancing.

Outdated Fashion Rules You No Longer Have to Follow 

But there are still some important virtual etiquette rules that should be followed during a video interview. One of them includes how you should dress.

For your video interview, you should dress professionally — the same way you would for an in-person interview. It is important that you wear your complete outfit even though the person you’re speaking with won’t see you head to toe. It is also best to avoid bright colors that may be distracting.

According to Dress for Success, men should wear a suit in a color such as black or gray. The shirt under the suit should be a neutral color such as white or black. The tie should match the color of your suit and not be distracting. Try to limit the amount of jewelry you wear. Women should wear a two-piece with pants or a skirt. Wear a neutral blouse and consider a blazer as well during a video interview. 


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