Patagonia International Marathon

Patagonia International Marathon

The full marathon began at Puente Weber, in front of the world-famous Cuernos del Paine.

Just before the 10k start, runners pass herds of guanaco. The park is rich in wildlife including condors, puma and the rare and endangered Huemul, or Andean deer.

The first of the marathon runners reach the start of the 10k event where about 120 runners wait for the start of their race. From here, competitors ran 3k downhill to the entrance to the park at Laguna Almarga.

Australian Luke Myers (31, resident of Santiago, Chile) passes by Lago Sarmiento and takes an early lead at the halfway point.

With 5k to go, the iconic Torres del Paine come into view.

A traditional Asado, or Chilean barbecue, awaited the finishers at the Hotel las Torres.

The outright winners of the men's and women's events, Luke Myers and Sylvana Camelio (Punta Arenas, Chile), enjoy applause at the awards ceremony. To their left is race organiser Stjepan Pavicic (Chile).