Outdoor Sports You Should Try This Summer

Outdoor Sports You Should Try This Summer


Skimboarding is similar to surfing, but instead of taking your board all the way out to sea, you’ll use it to glide across the wake and meet incoming waves. With a specifically designed board and access to a beach, anyone can give this sport a shot. However according to expert resources, some spots may be more ideal than others and bit of practice may be needed before you get the hang of it.


What was once just a fictional sport from the well-loved Harry Potter series has now come entirely to life. Not only have boy wizard fans organized teams and tournaments, but the sport is now represented by the official International Quidditch Association. Something like a mixture of rugby, dodge ball, and lacrosse, Quidditch is the perfect summer sport for the most nostalgic of athletes who truly want to channel their inner child, or anyone who enjoys running around a field with friends, really. Coming soon, you can use the IQA website to find local teams and leagues. A quick Google search about the sport in your area might turn up a few results, too.

Stand Up Paddle Board

This sport’s popularity surged sky high last year; all of a sudden it was everywhere. But unlike other fitness fads that experience swift increases in acclaim, SUP has proven to be more than just a short-lived craze. Many watersport outfitters now offer SUP classes and lessons, which means you’ve got no reason not to try this core-strengthening, under-the-sun sport next time you’re near the water. Check out supconnect.com to find SUP events near you.

Ultimate Frisbee

Or any organized sport, really. But fitness expert Mark Sisson says that ultimate Frisbee will provide you with one of the best total body workouts. “It uses nearly all the muscles in your body, but maybe more importantly, the team-based nature of the game strongly enforces a sense of community among the players. It’s an activity that relies on partnership while strengthening your ability to think quickly and move swiftly,” he said. Find teams and games near you on USAUltimate.org.

Horseback Riding

When you’re in the mood to connect with the wilderness but aren’t quite up for a hike, why not try experiencing the great outdoors via horseback? Maybe it’s not the most active of sports, but recreation should be relaxing sometimes. Whether you’d rather take lessons at a ranch or sign up for a guided ride through the woods there are a variety of ways to embrace equestrianism and it’s one sport that’s sure to draw out the adventurer in you.

The November Project

This is the one sport that your parents will be totally happy to fund, and that’s because it’s free. The November Project is a grassroots exercise movement that originated in Boston. Founders Brogan Graham and Bojan Mandaric started it as a way to stay in shape through the winter and the weekly workout meet up quickly grew into a national movement that now has chapters in 15 U.S. States. Visit the project's website to find a nearby chapter.

Night Hiking

Unlike joining a Frisbee team or signing up for horseback riding lessons, night hiking is a summertime activity that will require some extra planning. When carried out safely though, it’s an experience unlike any other. If you plan to head out on your own, prior hiking experience and proper preparation is must. However guided night hiking excursions like the Night Vision Goggle Experience  at Canyon Ranch Resort in Arizona are becoming more and more popular. See also: 10 Glowing Trails to Hike After Dark.


For some, summertime conjures up images of days spent by the dock and breezy boat trips. But why not take your time spent by the sea to the next level this summer by learning to sail? The American Sailing Association offers sailing lessons in nearly every U.S. state, which means even if you’re landlocked there’s a good chance you could ask your friends to start calling you Captain by the end of the season.


Not only is this sport another excuse to spend more time by the water (one of the best parts of summer), but it’s a muscle-building, calorie-burning total body workout, too. Spend your mornings working up a sweat out at sea and the rest of your summer days showing off your new beach bod. Visit the U.S. Rowing website to find a club near you.


Here’s your chance to find out whether or not you’d survive the Hunger Games. USA Archery offers programs for archers of every level, so practice your precision skills this summer and make your inner Katniss proud.

Water Polo

As much as we all look forward to it, even an activity as relaxing as lounging around on pool floats gets boring after a while. Pool time has the potential to be so much more exciting and Water Polo is one way to make a bigger splash (literally.) Find clubs and teams near you via American Water Polo and USA Water Polo.