Our 4 Favorite Yoga Apps

These handy downloads will help you connect with your practice anytime, anywhere

AllessiaYour yoga practice need not be confined to the studio. Using our favorite yoga apps, you can keep the ‘om’ going.

Mindbody Yoga—FREE
An office favorite, the MINDBODY yoga app puts every yoga class in the surrounding area at your fingertips. This is by far the easiest way to find a class on the go, wherever you are.
• Uses your GPS location to find classes near you
• Outlines class, studio and instructor descriptions
• Check out MINDBODY for Pilates and fitness too!

Relax & Rest—$0.99
Enjoy guided mediation with the Relax & Rest app. The no-fuss interface of this simple-to-use app allows you to customize your mediation with ease. I melted into the five-minute meditation at my desk and found it to be a great way to recharge at work.
• Choose from background music or nature sounds
• Choose from three different lengths of guided meditation
• Also available for iPad

Pocket Yoga—$2.99
With its sleek and simple design, this app has everything you could want without getting too complicated. The practices are all derived from the world-renowned school of Gaia Flow Yoga.
• Choose between 27 sessions varying in durations and levels
• Guided sessions with voiceover and animation for visual cues
• Choose between two different sun salutation sequences
• View an extensive pictorial glossary of poses with descriptions and benefits
• Keep a log of practice to track progress over time
Also available: Pocket Yoga Free and Pocket Yoga HD for iPad

Hatha Yoga—$9.99
Probably the most extensive and highly rated app in its class, the Hatha yoga app is a great alternative when getting to a studio just isn’t an option.
• Choose from a number of classes ranging from 30-to-90 minute sequences
• Stop motion visuals show how to get in and out of each posture
• Voice over guided instruction
• Create and save custom sequences with an easy to use interface
• Play music from your own iTunes library

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