One Small Step for Man, One Big Vacation to the Moon by 2024, Report Says

New report predicts what travel will be like in the future; space will be the hot new destination

The report predicts planes will have specialized areas

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Well, if a recent report on the future of travel is correct, you could be traveling in space.

Skyscanner, a travel search engine based in the U.K. authored a report called The Future of Travel 2024. The report pulled information from Skyscanner editors, travel experts and international technology experts in an effort to make predictions about what the travel industry will be like ten years down the line. The comprehensive report makes predictions on just about every aspect of travel, from accommodations, destinations and dining to how you book your trip.

Some of the highlights in the report include the creation of supersonic aircrafts that can fly passengers from London to Sydney in less than two hours (the journey currently includes several layovers) and facial recognition software at the airport. The most surprising prediction, though, comes in the form of a destination.

By 2024, space will be the final frontier for TOM (Traveler of the Millennium) as journeys into Earth’s orbit become more affordable for the ultra-luxury market. Underwater resorts – already a reality at a handful of destinations worldwide – will become mainstream destinations that feature high on the travel agenda.

It’s hard to say at this point which of these predictions will be an absolute reality in ten years time, but some of these changes could be closer than we might think.

Click on the above photo to see the entire report.

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