Office Fitness Accessories

Office Fitness Accessories

Tao Wellshell

This little electronic shell-like device is perfect for the office, or really anywhere. It fits in the palm of your hand and enables discreet isometric exercise. Essentially, the device provides resistance during your mini workout, which can target the upper body, thighs or abs, depending on where you put the device. The Wellshell also works with an App to connect users to one another, provide games that correspond with Wellshell workouts and track everything from heart rate to steps. Unfortunately, it’s not out on the market yet and the price hasn’t been announced either.

Springflex UB

If you believe everything you read, than the Springflex UB is one of the few home gym products in the last 25 years to target the upper body. Continue reading and you’ll discover that you can do more than 120 exercises with the Springflex, anywhere, anytime—according to the marketing department. While we don’t know about any of that, we do know that this is an option in desk fitness. This resistance equiptment will cost you $79.95 at Skymall.

Hand Fitness Trainer

Although this device looks like something out of the Terminator movies, the hand fitness trainer might offer some real world benefits. Winner of the Medical Design Excellence Award, this device is said to aid in the treatment of conditions like osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis, among others. The trainer works by providing resistance when opening your hand, working the muscles that are neglected in everyday motion. It can be used on either hand and could also benefit forearms and upper arms. Price is listed at $29.95.

The Walkstation

If you thought falling off the treadmill at the gym was embarrassing, you should try it at work surrounded by flying papers and your laughing co-workers. The walk station or treadmill desk is one of the most notorious solutions to stagnant workdays. In addition to fitting in some mild cardio, ditching the chair has benefits of its own. If you can get your boss onboard, most models will set you back at least $1,000.


Prefer spin classes to walking on a treadmill? WeBike is the fitness accessory of your dreams! Not only do the seats offer an opportunity to burn calories through pedaling, they offer incentive. The user creates power that can be used to charge devices, so you have to work out in order to get work done. Each seat can produce 30 watts of power and the display shows how much energy you’re creating. According to, this particular model goes for $13,000.

Fitness Ball Chair

The fitness ball trend is a popular solution for sedentary workers concerned about their posture. The ball supposedly promotes good posture and core muscle engagement, but some say these benefits are unproven. Whatever the case may be, you can always take it off the base and use it for crunches and triceps dips during your lunch break. The ball doesn’t cost much ($20) but the stand can get a bit costly, ranging from $52 to $149—ball included, of course.

The Tilt-‘n-Whirl Buoy

For those of you not ready to commit to the full-on fitness ball, here’s a step in the direction of normalcy. The Buoy is marketed to those of us who “can’t possibly think and sit still at the same time.” The chair/stool tilts 12 degrees from its resting position, which will engage your core and it lifts 5.5 inches using the handles on the side. The chair can be used anywhere, but it featured in offices and gyms. At only $214, you should buy a few for all your cubicle buddies.

GymyGym Chair

The GymyGym chair looks like a typical ergonomic office seat until you take a closer look. Outfitted with resistance bands and several handles, the chair offers ways to exercise practically every major part of your body: arms, shoulders, chest, back, core and legs. What this particular piece of equipment lacks in subtlety during use, it makes up for in a dynamic and convenient office work out. For a measly $799, the only remaining question is black or red—or one of each?

Under Desk Cycle

One of the more realistic fitness tools for the typical worker who’s chained to a cubicle. This piece of machinery tucks almost imperceptibly under your desk, preserving whatever chance you might still be invited to happy hour. If you don’t care about office popularity, you can set it on top of your desk for an upper body workout. And if cycling isn’t your thing, there are step machine and elliptical options that will also fit beneath your desk. These machines start at about $50.

"No, Sweat!" Office Furniture

Health-conscious office owners, meet Vancouver designer Darryl Agawin. He has created this minimalist masterpiece that pulls double duty as both an office set and a gym. The desk, chair and lamp turn into gym equipment that can be used for hundreds of different exercises. Price not currently available.