Office Accessories to Help You Get Fit at Work

Gadgets and equipment to keep you in shape despite a hectic work schedule

We’ve all had those days when work is simply too busy for us to step out on our lunch break. We’ve had early mornings at the office that turn to late nights at the office and there are times when we simply can’t fit in a trip to the gym.

For some of us those examples are more common than they are rare and when that trend becomes a lifestyle our health and fitness can suffer. The advice out there is great—go for a walk at lunch, make gym time a priority—but let’s face it, it’s not always feasible. Sometimes the only workout we get is our fingers tapping on the keyboard and the walk to the water cooler, but that doesn’t have to be the extent of our office fitness.

We know that sedentary lifestyles come with a slew of health problems later in life, it’s important to get moving now. We’ve rounded up 10 office accessories that will get you standing, moving and some of these will even provide a full workout. Maintaining your health and fitness is a full time job and some of these tools can make that job easier.

The Level

This stationary board was made to get you moving even when work requires you stay put. Designed with aluminum base and a top deck made of bamboo ($389) or hard wood maple laminate ($289/ $269), the board elicits subtle movement in your legs. The movement is enough to get the blood pumping and when paired with a standing desk, the level is a great fit in the office.; $269-$389

The Standing Desk

Chances are you’ve heard that moving around throughout the day can prevent serious health problems in the long run—the best way to ensure you stand throughout the day is to get a desk that accommodates the standing position. There are plenty of standing desks available (and you can make your own) but this one from Ergotron is a good choice.; $450

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