It's Nutrition Month, and Everybody's Weighing In

Here's some advice from the experts -- chefs, trainers, yogis, and more
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Thanks to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, March has become National Nutrition Month. Obviously that means It’s a time to cut out the junk food and fill your meals with healthy ingredients. But anyone who has ever tried a diet fad understands that “healthy” can be a complicated term.

There are numerous beliefs about good nutrition, and the scientific consensus sometimes shifts radically. For instance, though many experts warned of the dangers of high-fat foods, a recent study on the Mediterranean Diet provided convincing evidence that certain non-animal fats—even in sizeable portions—could have substantial health benefits.  For now, at least, that means that there are lots of informed opinions out there, and nothing is certain.  And maybe that's a good thing.  

To support healthy-eating efforts, Time put together a great list of tips from a variety of experts. Their ideas showcase the many ways you can achieve a healthier lifestyle, and their personal diets range from omnivore to vegan to pescatarian.

Here are few snippets from the interviews:

  • “There is a presumption that one simply needs to exert willpower to ward off temptation. Rather, my view is that this is one place where I get to stack the deck in my favor. By managing my environment so that I’m not tempted, I don’t have to exert nearly as much willpower.” --David Kirchhoff, CEO of Weight Watchers International

  • "I spent years trying every diet under the sun, and every single one failed not only for me but for everyone I knew. Eventually I realized that any form of “diet” was flat-out crazy, and I stopped doing that and started actually listening to what my body was saying. Today I eat food that makes me feel good long-term, I exercise a lot because it’s fun, and I feel great."--Will Gadd, pro-outdoor sports guru

  • "Whatever you do, make sure it’s a commitment you can follow. Don’t over-commit. Then, when you’re ready, make a slight upgrade. You’ll see better results that way." --Tamal Dodge, owner and founder of the Tamal Yoga School

There's also advice from people such as Michael Olajide, Jr., Co-Founder of AEROSPACE High Performance Center and Dr. David Satcher, former U.S. Surgeon General. 

For Time’s slideshow, click here.

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