Nut Butter for Non-Stop Energy: Active Essentials

An nutritious and convenient on-the-go snack for every type of athlete

The right items in pack or pocket can make all the difference this summer. Find out what the gear experts from Active Junky recommend for all your amazing outdoor adventures.

Finding meaningful calories on the go can be challenging. Plowing across Kansas on the Interstate or arriving at the campsite late, there’s reason to carry some quick options. Same holds while waiting for the overnight train to Milan.

Our Experience: Nut butters work. Squeezed into your mouth, rubbed on a day(s)-old baguette or even stirred into pasta, they deliver immediate satisfaction and time-released calories. New options add to portability while keeping vegans and peanut-allergic travelers in the game (make certain you read all labels and cautions).

Our Proof: Check out a few of the stats, these from Justin’s Almond Butter 1.15oz Squeeze Pack: 16 grams of fat in 190 calories with no sodium or cholesterol. With seven grams of protein, there’s reason to replace the greasy rotating hot dog, bag of chips or muffin with one of these.

Our Recommendation: Get the stress relieving benefits of kneading a package until it’s time to squeeze out the goodness. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and lick your smiling lips frequently while consuming.

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