Noatak National Preserve


The Noatak basin is internationally recognized as a Biosphere Reserve, and as one of North America's largest mountain-ringed river basins with an intact ecosystem. It features some of the Artic's finest arrays of plants and animals. The river is classified as a national wild and scenic river, and offers exciting wilderness float-trip opportunities - from deep in the Brooks Range to the tidewater of the Chukchi Sea.


Seasonality / Weather

Expect high winds throughout the year and short, mild, cool summers. Experience 24 hours of daylight for one month and a long, severe, harsh, extremely cold winter with about one hour of daylight by December 1. The area receives 10-12" precipitation annually. For back country hiking/camping, wear plenty of warm clothing, dress in layers, and use rain gear. Wear sturdy hiking boots and waders for wet terrain.



To get to Kotzebue, fly with Alaska Airlines from Anchorage or Fairbanks. From Kotzebue to the Parklands, fly with various air taxi operators. Access in summer into the park is by plane or boat. Winter access is by plane or snow machine.