No Flu For You: A Jacket That Fights Germs

Fight off illness this flu season with a germ-fighting jacket

Fall is wonderful. It comes at a time when we’ve all become sick of the humidity of August and are excited to see the leaves change color. But unfortunately, with the change of season comes proneness to illness.

It happens to the best of us. We stock up on the Emergen-C and hope that can beat it before it begins, but it seems inevitable and when it hits, it hits hard. Whether it be a minor sniffle, or full-on flu, nobody enjoys being sick.

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Commuting, transit, living in a big city, these all play major roles in contracting illnesses. But what if you could wear a jacket that would fight off those nasty germs. Well, the team at Gravity Tank did just that. They’ve created a jacket that combines X-STATIC antimicrobial fabric with subtle design details to making your commute a whole lot healthier.

The Germinator Transit Jacket is perfect for everyday use. It’s lightweight, but loose enough for layering. It works to protect you from germs by using the X-STATIC antimicrobial fabric on the sleeve cuffs and collar shield. Use the sleeve cuffs as you grab onto a subway pole, or pull the collar shield up when you’re surrounded by coughing.

It was successfully crowdfunded today on Betabrand and you can buy it for $223.20. It comes in S, M, L, XL, and 2XL. The shell is breathable and water resistant softshell fleece with a removable hood. There is interior ventilation, plenty of pockets, and washable mesh sleeve cuffs with thumbholes.

The jacket was a result of Project Transfer, On the Perils of Commuting During Cold & Flu Season. You can learn more about the story of the jacket in the video below: