Nike's 2015 Sneaker Feature Will Blow Your Mind

"Back to the Future" inspired a 2011 Nike design and will spark sneaker innovation in 2015

Fellow sneaker geeks and 80's cinema fans rejoice, our dream laces will soon be a reality. Tinker Hatfield, a major sneaker designer for Nike, interviewed recently at the Jordan Flight Lab in New Orleans. When asked about the possibility of self-tightening laces in 2015 (as “Back to the Future” had predicted) he replied “Yes!”

In 2011 Nike designed a Back to the Future shoe called the “Nike Air Mag” but only made 1,500 pairs. They auctioned those off on EBay for charitable purposes but the futuristic shoes did not feature self-tightening laces. In a Nike promo they said the “power laces” would be available in 2015.

While it’s likely we’ll be seeing those laces in 2015, there is no way to know which shoes the laces will be featured on. The Complex Sneakers video below begs the same question, it’s one we’d all love to know.

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