Nick Symmonds Breaks U.S. Beer Mile Record

Staff Writer
But still has some training to do to take the world's

Olympics shmolympics. Nick Symmonds may have repped the U.S. in the 800m in London, but these days he’s moved on to bigger, beer-ier things.

Earlier this week, the runner broke the revered record for fastest U.S. Beer Mile, clocking in at 5:19. While Symmonds missed the official world record by a mere 10 seconds (it was set by Canadian Jim Finlayson in December 2007), he did set a new canned-beer Beer Mile record, beating the next-fastest time by a tenth of a second (the only faster times have come from bottle drinkers).

The Beer Mile—as if you don’t already know—goes like this: Drink a full beer. Run 400m. Repeat three times. Official rules (yes, they exist) also designate that each beer must be finished within the transition zone (no simultaneous chug and run), beers cannot be shotgunned or bonged, the beverage of choice must have at least 5 percent alcohol (Symmonds opted for Coors) and vomiting anywhere along the way results in a penalty lap.  

Spoken like a true Olympian, Symmonds had this to say of his performance. “That’s a good first mark, but I’ve got some training to do.”

We assume his training will look a lot like the video below. To which we wish him the best of luck.