work from home survey

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Work From Home Highly Desired Post-Pandemic, Survey Says

IBM polled 25,000 people, and more than half said they'll prefer to work remotely
work from home survey

filadendron/E+ via Getty Images

To flatten the curve of coronavirus cases in the U.S., health officials implemented social distancing guidelines including work from home orders for non-essential workers. Just when we’ve established a work from home routine, people are talking about when each state could consider easing social distancing and, ultimately, let people head back into the office. But according to a new survey, most people would rather stay put.

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In April, IBM polled 25,000 adults in America to understand how COVID-19 has affected their perspectives on a number of issues including retail spending, transportation, future attendance in large venues and returning to work.

The findings show that 54% of people would like to continue primarily working from home after the pandemic, while 75% said they would like to work remotely at least occasionally.

Other key results show that more than 20% of respondents who regularly used buses, subways or trains no longer will, and another 28% said they would use public transportation less often. More than half of people surveyed said they would use ridesharing apps less or stop using them completely. That leaves personal vehicles or bikes, which have seen a massive spike in sales over the last couple months.

COVID-19 postponed tons of big events like concerts, weddings, graduations and proms, and IBM’s survey found that people aren’t eager to attend large events once the crisis dwindles. More than 33% of respondents said they would visit bars and restaurants, 25% said they will be ready to visit the beach and 20% said they will be OK with going to a shopping center.


The park is another favorable destination for people looking to get out and about after spending much more time at home — especially if you’re looking for fresh air and exercise. It’s OK to stretch your legs in the great outdoors, just make sure you follow these guidelines from the CDC during coronavirus quarantine.