New York Bike Share Plan Bans Overweight Riders

Rental contract lists maximum weight of 260 pounds
Staff Writer

The New York City bike-sharing program planned to roll out this month is receiving backlash about its rental policy.

"You must not exceed the maximum weight limit for the Citi Bike bicycle (260 pounds)," the agreement states under a section called "Prohibited Acts."

But the weight limit may be unnecessary, bike shop owners told the New York Post. The sturdy, 40-pound cruisers used in the program should be able to hold a heavier person.

One student called out the bike share for a missed opportunity to help ease the obesity epidemic.

“If you’re 260 pounds or 300 pounds and want to ride a bike, you should be allowed to," Jhoskaira Ferman told the Post. "You’re making a choice to live healthier and to lose weight.”

Furthermore, the rule may also affect taller people who naturally carry more weight.

Alta Bicycle Share—an Oregon-based company—is responsible for launching the program. Alta has also already started bike shares in cities including Washington, D.C., and London. The New York program will have 5,000 bicycles available at nearly 300 stations.

Via The Huffington Post and New York Post.

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