One Way to Guarantee You'll Travel Every 3 Months

New subscription service charges a flat rate each month in exchange for spontaneous travel opportunities
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Austin, Texas

Squeezing travel into ever busier schedules often seems like an impossible task. First you need to get time away from work, then you need to save up enough to afford the trip and planning the trip is another undertaking entirely. is cutting out the aforementioned hurdles with their new travel subscription service, which will help overworked travelers keep roaming the continent. The subscription provides a pre-planned trip every three months in exchange for a flat-rate fee each month. The three plan options range in price from $129 per month to $249 per month and include round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, some meals and, for the higher priced options, an adventure.

With each of the plans, subscribers will receive two trip options per week over the course of eight weeks, which means a total of 16 destinations to choose from. With the exception of Toronto, all of the listed destinations are U.S. cities like Austin, Miami, Seattle or Boston. When the weekly travel options come in, subscribers can either choose one or pass on the options and wait for next week’s selections, but once you pass on the trips you lose them as options. The service is all about spontaneity, which is why the options are only open a week at a time.

Subscribers can choose whether they want to go during the week or on a weekend, which is great for full-time employees and there are no contracts. If someone wants to stop or pause their subscription, they can place a hold on the account and start again whenever they want. is a new start-up and we haven’t tried the service, but it will be interesting to see whether this type of service works for busy travelers. With convenience scoring high on many lists and travel agents too far out of the typical budget, perhaps the subscription-based model is the travel trend of the future.

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