For New Runners: Race Lingo, Decoded

13.1 running words to know before your first 13.1-mile race

1. Negative Split
Isn’t: An extreme yoga move only to be attempted by the world's most flexible yogis.
Is: Running the second half of your race faster than the first half—Yah ya did!

2. PB
Isn’t: A Peanut Butter sandwich.
Is: Unless it’s the best peanut butter sandwich you've ever made, a PB is your Personal Best time per distance—congrats, you smashed it!

3. Fartlek
Isn’t: … It wasn’t me.
Is: A type of training you can add to your routine where you run several intervals at varying intensities.

4. Foam Roller
Isn’t: The only thing standing between you and curls Shirley Temple would be jealous of.
Is: Your new best friend/worst enemy. Use a foam roller to massage sore muscles - it'll hurt so good.

5. Hitting a Wall
Isn’t: Actually hitting a physical wall (Looney-Tunes styles).
Is: That feeling you get when you really just don't think you can possibly go any further (but then you do because you're awesome). Note: to prevent this, try #6 Carbo-loading

6. Carbo-loading
Isn’t: The last step of production at the Wonder Bread factory.
Is: Carbs are stored as glycogen in your muscles which is your body's favorite (and most accessible) source of energy. Eating carbs pre-race day will help you avoid #5. Hitting a Wall. Now, bring on the pasta! Ed's note: Carbo-loading is a fine art, learn how to master it!

7. Bib
Isn’t: An accessory that you best be reppin' when you're #6. Carbo-loading.
Is: A super fancy (not) piece of paper with your designated race number. Your bib gets pinned to your shirt during your race and proves you're legit.

8. Chip Time
Isn’t: When the hostess of a party cracks open a bag of Tostitos—where's the guac at?
Is: The electronically-recorded official time it takes you to get from the start line to the finish line.

9. Chafing
Isn’t: A dish with a heating apparatus beneath it - commonly found at a buffet.
Is: Err... uncomfortable rashes or irritation in uncomfortable places as a result of long runs, sweat and clothing. Luckily we know a place where you can get some sweet chafe-resistant gear. Wink!

10. Corral
Isn’t: Where John Wayne stands to fire the starting gun.
Is: Race participants are typically broken up into various groups according to their expected finish times—this helps free up some space on the route so everyone can run their hearts out.

11. Pace Bunnies
Isn’t: Hugh Hefner's athletic squad…
Is: Runners who are committed to keeping you on pace during a race so you cross the finish line with a #3. PB.

12. Pick-Ups
Isn’t: “Are your legs sore? Because they’ve been running through my mind all day…”
Is: Running at a relaxed pace and then amping it up to controlled sprints for a designated amount of time… and repeat!

13. IT Band Syndrome (ITBS)
Isn’t: A deep level of depression that occurs as a result of your favorite electronic band breaking-up due to technical difficulties.
Is: Your IT Band is a band of tissue that runs from the hip down to your tibia. IT Band Syndrome is a common injury for runners. For relief try use a #6. Foam Roller to help loosen up the area (and, of course, consult a physician).

13.1. Runner
Isn’t: an exclusive term used to describe someone who is hardcore, has qualified for the Boston Marathon and runs 100 miles a week without breaking a sweat.
Is: You! You are a runner because you run. Now start telling people you are!

This story originally appeared on the lululemon blog