The New Pedal-Powered Electric Folding Bike

The Footloose utilizes manpower to create battery-power
Staff Writer

A standard electric bike works pretty much like a standard electric car. You charge it. You ride it. If the battery dies, well…you’re stranded to the same degree that you would be if you ran out of gas, except that you have pedals. But this is not a standard electric bike.

The Footloose by Mando, instead, has a battery that’s powered directly by the rider—that is, energy is converted from pedaling into battery power, via an alternator. When fully charged, the Footloose will run for nearly a full 19 miles before it needs muscle to juice up again. Plus, according to the company: “Using an electronic control unit (ECU), the 'footloose' works with sensors and an automatic gear changer to monitor terrain and adjust the motor's output as necessary. It monitors the system for problems, which it displays via a handlebar-mounted human machine interface (HMI)."

What’s more, the design does away with a gear and chain completely—and it folds, making it convenient to carry with you, as far as bikes go, and without the worry of grease stains if it bumps against your thigh. The Footloose is being unveiled in Europe next year—the price point, though, is yet to be announced.

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