New Oakley Snow Goggle is a Wireless Display and Remote Control for Garmin's action camera

Capture and playback footage on the lens of the goggle; track statistics, change music and find your friends

Have you ever crushed a run only to wonder whether or not you got some good footage? Ever hit a jump just right and wondered how high you went? Have you lost your friends on the mountain and had to wait until they looked at their phones so you could meet up?

We’ve all experienced at least one of those scenarios and luckily technology is here to help. Oakley has teamed up with Garmin and Recon Instruments to create the Airwave 1.5 snow goggle.

The goggle features Recon’s display functionality and is compatible with Garmin’s VIRB Elite Camera. Equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and various sensors, the wireless goggles work with an app and have several glove-friendly buttons for hands-on control.

This technologically advanced eyewear doubles as a screen for video playbacks and also displays stats from your ride, like speed, altitude, hang time and your location. The goggles can be used to control the VIRB camera and your music selection, while also helping you navigate resort maps and find friends who also have the goggles (or the Recon Engage app).

The goggles also come with Oakley’s Switchlock technology, which enables you to switch out the lenses as conditions on the mountain change. The Airwave 1.5 snow goggles are available at and partner stores and they are retailing for $650.

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