New Gear: A Versatile Tri Bike for Women

The new "Alias" by specialized is ideal for both road and race

Now more than ever, more and more women are signing up for triathlons. The sport has consistently grown to attract more female athletes over the past 10 years, and according to Erin Sprague, Specialized's women's product manager, the future of the sport, and cycling in particular, will continue to draw in more female competitors. 

Whether you’re training for a big race or just out on the road for fun, Specialized recognizes that women really want to enjoy their workouts. And that fitness, no matter what your favorite sport is or how competitive you are, should be fun, empowering, and personal; which is why they go above and beyond to create customized bikes designed for every different type of rider out there. Their catalog includes pretty much any and every type of bike you can imagine. One of their many impressive sub-categories includes bikes designed specifically for women, which Erin tells me is a niche they have specialized (no pun intended) in for more than 10 years.

Their newest women’s bike called the “Alias,” is the first of its kind created especially for mid-distance triathlon races. Designed for versatility, the Alias is meant for both training and racing and incorporates aerodynamic shapes (based on guidance from advisors at NASA) that help riders travel faster without having to give more effort. 

Every aspect of the bike was designed to keep it "aero." For example, the accompanying clip on bars work in unison with the frame's shape to keep it sleek and fast for racing. Other features of the Alias include an adjustable seatpost (for switching between race and road modes) and a small, elegant storage box (also designed to make the bike more aero) that can fit approximately two gels and a bar.

The Alias will be available in stores at the end of the month, but riders who want to get their hands on one will have to visit their local bike shop. Specialized emphasizes the importance of getting fitted for your bike and establishing a relationship with local bike experts by retailing their products exclusively through specialty shops. You can use their “Specialized Finder” to find a retailer near you.

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