New Flying Bicycle Ready to Launch

Now on Kickstarter: A bicycle that can fly up to 4,000 ft in the air

Paravelo in the Air

A new flying bike is ready to test the market and is seeking funding online to raise $76,309.37 on Kickstarter to finalize the design. The U.K.- based brand, XploreAir, created Paravelo, a new type of ultralight aircraft – the combination of a para-wing and a bicycle. It's a foldable bike that comes with an attached trailer powered by a giant fan, and it flies with a flexible fabric wing that doubles as a tent. (The Paravelo team wants to promote “flamping” – flying and camping.)

The Paravelo travels at 15 mph on land and 25 mph in air. It can fly up to 4,000 feet in the air and does not require a license. Once in the air the machine can fly at 25 mph for up to three hours at a time.

XploreAir hopes to reach their goal on Kickstarter by August 15, 2013. They started June 16, 2013 and currently have 81 backers and $11,139.77. The funds raised will go towards "transforming their flying prototype into an aircraft rugged enough for expedition duty.” After extensive testing XploreAir promises to make it available for purchase. 

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