New E-Bike Concept Allows Your Heart Rate to Control Power Output from the Motor

This e-bike conversion kit comes with five levels of power assistance and the option to control the motor with your heart rate Falco e-motors

Regardless of how you choose to workout, there are times you just want that extra push. We all want to go farther, faster and feel that rush.

For bikers, an e-bike, or electric bike provides just that. However, buying an entirely separate e-bike to achieve a more thrilling ride might be financially out of the question. Also adjusting to an entirely new piece of equipment is another drawback. To avoid the hassle of getting a separate electric bike, you can purchase a conversion kit, which will allow you to turn your current bike into an e-bike.

The Falco Fusion Sports Drive electric bike conversion kit features a motorized electric hub that is able to replace the wheel on any bike. The kit also includes a 50V 400Wh Li-Ion battery pack, which will power the bike and an app for your smartphone. Electric bike conversion kits are not new, but the Falco Fusion Sports Drive electric bike conversion kit has some unique features. Unlike most e-bikes, it is powerful enough for off-road riding and its app and heart-rate monitor combo (available through ANT+ or Bluetooth LE) will give your workouts a special edge. These features make it easy and worthwhile for riders to incorporate an electric bike into their workout routine.

How It Works
After the rider downloads the app to their smartphone, they can set their goal heart rate for their training session. With that heart rate information, they are telling the electric assist how much of a boost they need during their workout. The power output depends on the actual heart rate of the rider, so the rider can hit their goal heart rate and maintain it throughout their ride. The app also includes updates on battery life, power consumption and pace.

Other cool features include five levels of power assistance, on-demand breaking, a USB port for charging a smartphone, a mode for off-road and the “Zero Resistance Pedaling” setting for the rider who wants no electric assistance.

“Not only have we achieved a seamless integration between the rider and the drive system but also incorporated cardio control with biometrics feedback,” said Falco E-motors CEO Rakesh Dhawan.

Falco recently canceled crowdfunding on Kickstarter to rework the campaign, video and rewards for backers. They are also working on developing the technology further, but they promise to restart the campaign and say they are “coming back stronger than ever.” Though they haven’t given a restart date, the kit is certainly something cyclists will be anticipating.

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