New Activity Tracker Can Coach Any Type of Athlete

Moov provides athletes with real-time coaching feedback

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bring along a personal coach every time you dove in the pool for a swim, took your bike out for a ride, or hit the range with your clubs?

As an athlete you’re always aiming to improve, but without the advantage of a 24/7 trainer and a schedule that allows for around-the-clock training, as an amateur you can only take your abilities so far. It’s Moov’s mission to change that, though. Well, at least to a certain extent.

The new activity-tracking gadget (yes, another new one) can’t grant you the lifestyle of an elite athlete, but its goal is to help you improve your moves, no matter what your favorite sport is.

Self-proclaimed as an “artificial intelligence coach,” the Moov tracker attaches to your shoe, your wrist, your ankle, or even your golf club and uses advanced technology (apparently the same kind used in strategic missiles) to track your movements and provide real-time feedback about how to move more efficiently and exercise more effectively.

“Shorten your stride and land softer,” the Siri-sound-alike instructs the runner in Moov’s promo video. And the golf player is directed to “swing slower and follow through with [his] right arm” on the next swing.

Moov is waterproof and currently supports five different sports including running, cycling, swimming, cardio boxing, and any type of bodyweight strength exercises.

“I'm mostly excited about its coaching features,” says health and fitness blogger Lena Kang. “I think it's what makes it different from others currently out in the market.”

For all that it claims to do, at just $59.99 (limited-time pre-order price) it certainly stands apart from other activity trackers out there, many of which have fewer features but much higher price tags.

Will it live up to all its claimed abilities and accurately track your athletic skills and capabilities? Is it this the new Fitbit? Only time and user feedback will tell.

At least we know there’s one thing Moov can do for sure; it will totally get that cutie to check you out. (Just watch the video. You’ll see.)

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