Netflix, People-Watching and 5 More Reasons Running on the Treadmill Doesn’t Suck

A few reasons why running on the treadmill really isn't so bad

What most people refer to as a treadmill, many runners have dubbed the “dreadmill.”

Why? Because for most, it’s a painfully boring alternative to running outside that serves as a last resort when all other workout options have been exhausted.

But runners who entirely dismiss the treadmill, are totally neglecting the fact that running indoors on a never-ending belt (actually scratch that description, it totally doesn’t help the case) actually has some pretty sweet advantages.

I polled a few runners to find out what, if anything, about running on the treadmill actually makes it worthwhile.

Here’s what they had to say.

-7 Reasons Running on the Treadmill Doesn’t Suck-

1. It helps control the pace for easy runs, and you can watch TV. - @Healthyishlife

2. Speaking of pace control, the treadmill is perfect for speed workouts. - Kristin Adkins via Facebook

3. The fact that you can watch TV while you run definitely deserves another mention; binge-watching shows on Netflix is a no-brainer. - Melody York via Facebook

4. For most, running indoors in a moderate temperature is far more enjoyable than braving inclement weather, especially if temperatures are freezing  and the roads are icy. The treadmill can save you from a nasty fall. - Amanda Shannon Verrengia of Run Intended via Facebook

5. “Keeps me running at a certain pace and keeps me from getting frostbite when the wind chill is too low.” - @Jessiforch

6. Running on the treadmill presents the perfect opportunity for some quality people-watching time at the gym. - @cralphHB209

7. Compared to running through city streets, you’ll never have to worry about traffic or stopping for lights. - @cralphHB209