A Neck Tie That's Traveled Higher Than You

Would you pay $400 for a necktie that’s been to the top of Everest?
Young & Brash

Unless you’ve climbed Everest, sorry, but this little necktie has you beat. A company called Young & Brash has created a necktie that has reached entirely new heights. The tie itself is a classy, fine Italian wool with a red stripe stitched across.

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Though, the Italian wool may be worth some dough, the red strip is what really sets this tie apart. The swatch is actually attained from a down suit that reached the top of Mount Everest. The suit was a 22-Denier Ripstop Fabric. Pictured on the site, aside the tie is red-suited David Morton, a well-known mountain guide and photographer who has reached Everest’s summit a total of six times. The ties made from the suits are limited. There are a mere 200 on the market, making the special. And for a grand $400, it takes a special person to afford it.

There is good that comes from this questionable marketing scheme. Young & Brash partnered with Juniper Fund, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping those adversely affected by the mountain adventuring industry.

This elite necktie is Young & Brash;s first product. The Everest was created in hopes of producing an original necktie. The company’s mission is to create clothes that can be as accomplished and unique as the person wearing them.

Though the cause is admirable, and the idea behind the clothing line is unique, it still begs to question: who wants a tie that is more accomplished that you?

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