The National Parks Could Get an Extra $432 Million in the Budget—Here’s How They Plan to Spend It

A big birthday prompts a major budget increase for the National Park Service

Grand Teton National Park

America’s best idea, the National Park Service, is turning 100 next year and they’re set to receive a colossal boost in the budget to go along with that major milestone. In the federal budget for the 2016 fiscal year, President Obama plans to give the NPS $432.9 million.

The money would primarily be spent on repairs to aging infrastructure, responding to climate change, hosting programs and getting more staff in the parks. One specific area where much of the money will be spent is the National Park Service Centennial Initiative, which will focus on youth engagement, increasing park capacity, improving interpretation services and expanding education programs.

This news came in a statement from NPS, where NPS Director Jonathan B. Jarvis outlined the importance and benefits of properly funding the parks.

This is an investment in America' Best idea that pays dividends in gateway communities across the nation. For every dollar appropriated to the National Park Service in the President's 2016 Centennial budget, $10 is returned to the American economy in the form of visitor spending, travel and tourism and construction jobs.

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