Must-Have Summer Running Accessories

Must-Have Summer Running Accessories

Body Comfort Hand Ice Pack

As the temperature rises outside, it becomes harder for the body to cool itself, which leads to a decrease in performance and endurance. A Stanford study provides some scientific support for a long-time runner trick of wrapping a frozen bandana around your hands. Holding something cool seems to trigger thermoregulation within the body, helping to bring body temperature down, or at least reduce perceived effort. This small pack will stay cool longer than a cloth wrap and can be packed in a fuel belt early on in the run then pulled out mid-way  to help provided some cooling as your body begins to heat up.; $40

Moji 360® Mini Massager

Summertime means vacation time, which might also include stiff muscles from lots of hours spent traveling. Enjoy running in new locations without sacrificing post-run recovery by packing this small handheld massager in place of your space-sucking roller. The Moji is portable enough to use while stuck in a car or on a plane so you can keep circulation flowing and arrive at your destination with refreshed legs.  It’s also great for the neck and shoulders. The amount of pressure and intensity are controlled by the size of the roller balls and the manual pressure applied.; $30

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator

Long, hot workouts leave many runners feeling less than enthusiastic about eating anything during the 30-minute window for recovery nutrition. However, continually skipping post-run nutrition can lead to a depreciation of performance in subsequent runs and lethargy throughout the rest of the day. The tropical flavor of the Vega Recovery Accelerator is refreshing while providing both electrolytes and ingredients to enhance muscle recovery. The special sport blend contains plant based protein, maca, glucosamine and ginseng which have all been proven to speed muscle recovery.; $27 for a box of 12 single packs

Apera Performance Duffle

Nothing is worse than opening a hot gym bag in the summer to find the stench of a forgotten sweaty running sock. Apera bags help solve this problem with their anti-microbial interior and exterior, vented compartments and wipe-able linings. No more worries when you find your chap stick has melted, simply wipe it off and continue on. The Duffel bag also has two separate compartments for shoes to help keep any dirt or grime from the streets from being transferred to clothing. A separate washable bag is also included as a quick fix for sweat-soaked clothes, making this an ideal workout-to-work bag.; $124 

Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

Starting workouts hours before the sunrise is a ritual of the marathon runner during the summer. Not only is it important to be seen by drivers who may not expect pedestrians at that hour, but to avoid falls in dimly lit areas from cracked sidewalks or surprise lawn sprinklers. The Sprinter is more expensive than other headlamps because it has a rechargeable battery. Eliminating the last minute scramble for some AAAs, it can be recharged after every run and has up to five-hours of battery life. It also has a rear red light for added visibility.; $70

2XU 3/4 Compression Tight

As the temperatures rise, the size of our clothing tends to shrink. For many runners this means forgoing compression gear which helps to eliminate muscle soreness and cramps. These 2XU Compression tights are thin enough not to create additional body heat, while still providing the benefits of compression. The same material is utilized in both their short and full length pants, providing a variety of options for runners to target key areas of concern. The 3/4 provides a little added support for the main issue of most runners: the knee.; $90

Beyond Coastal Active Face Stick

Tired of tasting your sunscreen or feeling like it clogs your pores? No sweat, we’ve got the answer! This all natural sunscreen contains Vitamin E to hydrate your skin (nothing like multitasking while running) and both UVA/UVB protection. The easy to apply applicator means no missed spots and no messy tubes or greasy hands.; $7

Oofos Thong Sandal

If you can’t go barefoot post-run, these sandals are the next best thing. The lightweight Oofos flip-flops have arch support, which is lacking in most other open-toe footwear. The arch support is important for maintaining body alignment and reducing leg and back strain. These sandals can also be thrown in the wash to quickly eliminate any post-run sweat or grime!; $40

Oakley Women's Drizzle Sunglasses

Beyond protecting your eyes from stray debris flung by passing cars, the right sunglasses can also reduce energy waste. Many sunglasses distort vision and a lack of sunglasses will most certainly cause you to squint on a sunny day; both situations result in additional process requirements for the brain which ultimately hinders performance. Oakley has taken performance to the next level by injecting fashion as well. With rubber grips along the stems that will not pull hair and anti-fog coating these protect the eyes without losing any feminine style points.; $130

Camelbak Quick Grip Podium Chill Bottle

This 21-ounce handheld bottle is another option for a little hand cooling to help with body temperature. The insulated chill bottle will keep your fuel cool for at least an hour in the height of summer. Additionally the carrying case provides a small pocket for holding keys or gel. If handhelds aren’t your thing, the chill bottle also works with other CamelBak fuel belts, too.; $20