Music on the Go: The Best Portable Speakers

The sound quality in these little devices will blow your mind;

Every adventure-seeker, fitness fanatic and frequent traveler knows that when you leave home, you also leave behind household amenities. Who knows if you’ll have a bathroom to yourself when traveling, you might not be able to sleep in your own bed after a day of far flung adventure, and if by some chance you’re lucky enough to have a massage chair, it’s not likely that it will be waiting for you at the finish line of your next race. But there is one major amenity that you don’t have to leave behind—the power to share music on quality speakers.

Since the invention of the Walkman, music has been a portable luxury. MP3 players and iPods brought the technology to the next level, allowing users to edit playlists on their computers and link with devices via Bluetooth. Headphones and speakers have come a long way, too. Improvements have been astounding; we now have access to some of the best quality sound in the tiniest, most convenient devices.

The only problem that adventure travelers and fitness junkies face now is figuring out which of the nearly unlimited choices is actually the best quality.

We’ve done the hard part and put some of the industry’s leading speakers to the test. Taking into account features, ease of use, portability, durability, value and, of course, sound quality, we found the best of the best Bluetooth speakers for every budget.

Each of the speakers on our list is easy to use, connecting with any Bluetooth supported device. They all double as speaker phones with built-in microphones and each of the speakers we selected is what we would consider a great value.

We have put each of them to the test and found the five best portable speakers available at every price point.

The OontZ Curve


The smallest speaker on our list packs mindblowing quality and volume for it’s size. At just $30 online, the Curve easily outperformed our expectations. The huge range of volume makes this speaker ideal for everything from listening to light music at your desk to pumping up a small party. At this price point you simply won’t find a better bluetooth speaker.; $30

The OontZ Angle


The Angle is another option from the OontZ family, a little bit bigger than the Curve but just as good a value. Currently the top seller on Amazon, the Angle features a different design and longer battery life than the Curve. There is no noticeable difference in sound quality from the Curve, so it comes down to a matter of preference.; $40

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