The Amazing Muscle Beach Forged from Scrap Metal

Hands down the world's most hardcore gym—or is it a junkyard?

This junkyard of iron is called Kachalka Muscle Beach. Naturally the Ukrainian word Kachalka means, “to pump.” At more than 200 weightlifting stations, gym-goers and tourists grunt through rep after rep in a struggle between man and machine. The equipment at this Soviet-era gym is made entirely out of scrap metal. It’s part of a 6.2 square mile outdoor fitness area in Kiev, Ukraine.

Tank chains, train rails and re-engineered industrial machinery are forged into workout equipment you may (vaguely) recognize at the local gym, or more likely as a torture device in the latest Saw movie.


Dedicated lifters battle Mother Nature while straining to build better biceps.

Smashing truck tires with sledge hammers. Finally something Americans can relate to. 

Back today? I think I’ll deadlift truck tires wearing my vintage 80’s workout pants.

This is indeed a gym fit for the Terminator. Who just so happens to have given this scrapyard of weights his 7-time Mr. Olympian thumbs up.