Multi-Sport Racing, Ski Town Style

Run, bike, climb, fly—Jackson, WY, launches new adventure race

On Saturday, July 7th, Snow King Mountain in Jackson, WY, will become the backdrop for the inaugural Outerlocal Summer Games. The event is the brainchild of Christian Beckwith, the former Editor of Alpinist and the curator of, a social media site for adventure athletes. For Beckwith, the idea of a multi-adventure sport race just seemed natural.

Depending on their relevant skillset, participants can compete in one to all four race legs either an an individual or as part of a team. “It’s organic to us,” Beckwith says. “Folks use Snow King to climb, run, mountain bike and fly all summer long.”

The Games begin with mountain biking, where racers tackle multiple laps on the King’s singletrack. They can expect 1,000 feet of climbing for each lap. Pro and Masters divisions will do three full laps before crossing the finish line. Bouldering comes second, and competitors put their tendons on the line with a variety of problems ranging from V0 to V14 in Jackson’s new bouldering park.

After that warm-up, the trail running leg demands racer’s attention with a 1,600-vertical-foot, two-mile trail run to the summit of the King. And back down. And because adventure competitors like to push it for the final stage, paragliders are required to hike back up Snow King’s north face with wings on their backs, set up and fly over the town of Jackson to the opposing East Gros Ventre Butte and back to the base of Snow King.

Get all that? Good. But don’t be intimidated. The race is as much about the celebration of Snow King as it is about the competition. Just participating in any of the events is what it’s about. “It’s the heart of our town,” Beckwith says. “The Outerlocal Summer Games will celebrate a part of Jackson that is deeply ingrained in our DNA as mountain athletes.”

And to conclude the day, Outerlocal is partnering with JacksonHoleLive! for a free outdoor concert featuring local favorites, The Miller Sisters, and the national act Boom Chick. “We’re looking forward to throwing the best party of the summer right here in our own backyard.”

Questions? Want to get onto a team? Check out the race’s registration page for details.