Moving On: 5 Best Activity-Tracking Apps

Keep tabs on your fitness with these proven apps for iPhone and Android

With all the buzz around the new iPhone 5S, it’s hard not to get caught up in the hype. But one new component—the M7 motion coprocessor—is a true standout, especially if you’re a fitness fanatic. By working alongside the A7 processor, capturing motion data from the phone’s compass, accelerometer and gyroscope, the coprocessor could bring on the development of a slew of new health and fitness apps. Even when your phone’s asleep, the M7 continues to measure and track your movement, and since it’s a secondary processor, you won’t drain your precious battery.

Nike has introduced the first app—Nike+ Move—to utilize the technology by keeping track of when a user is walking, driving or standing still. But it’s not the only app that can keep tabs on your movement throughout the day. Here are five more that have been impressing users for quite a while now:

Endomondo Sports Tracker
Perfect for running, cycling and other distance-based exercises, Endomondo acts as an activity logger and personal trainer. With several functions like racing, social integration and a route finder, this app helps you get the most out of your workout. You even get audio feedback for every mile logged, in case you need that extra boost of motivation. If you’re the competitive type, you can race against a friend’s time and have the audio coach help you improve your performance. Or you can compete on a nearby route and race against that route’s champion. You’re just a download away from releasing those much earned endorphins.
FREE on iPhone | FREE on Android

This app is perfect for the runner who wants a simple way to track daily runs. By using the GPS capabilities on your iPhone, RunKeeper keeps tabs on your miles while also letting you share your results with friends, integrate your iPod music and even geo-tag photos on your run. And if the weather isn’t ideal for hitting the track and you end up on the treadmill, you can still manually enter data. Plus, you can rely on this app that's been around since just a few weeks after the Apple App Store went live.
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Let’s be honest: You don’t always feel like working out. But with this innovative app that tracks your workouts, you’re guaranteed to end up an exercise addict. By letting you earn points, unlock achievements and beat quests, Fitocracy successfully implements the components of a video game. And it also acts as a community for fitness fans by allowing you to browse other users’ profiles and borrow their tips and tackle their routines. Get off your couch and put Grand Theft Auto down. This app-turned-game will make your fitness routine fly by.
FREE on iPhone | FREE on Android

Zombies, Run!
Like the rest of the population, workout junkies are obsessed with all things zombies, so why not incorporate them into your routine? With over 600,000 runners already happily practicing for the zombie apocalypse, the app is part tracker and part audio adventure. Co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman, Zombies, Run! introduces a story through orders and voice recordings that help you get home with flesh and humanity intact. While you’re out running, you automatically collect supplies like medicine, batteries and ammo, so when you get back home, you build up your base. Zombies won’t stand a chance against the coming "runner apocalypse."
$3.99 on iPhone | $3.99 on Android


Weight Watchers Mobile
If you’re a big fan of the Weight Watchers brand, this app is for you. On top of its activity and calorie tracker, it also includes meal and recipe ideas, personal analytics and more. Trying to drop a few pounds? The app helps you review your weight-loss progress with an interactive chart. For the foodies out there, Weight Watchers Mobile has a Snap & Track feature so you can take pictures of your latest kitchen concoctions and make your friends jealous in the process.
FREE on iPhone | FREE on Android

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