Mountain Biking the Best of the Alps

Mountain Biking the Best of the Alps

Faced by the afternoon glare of millions of tons of ice atop Mont Blanc, Greg and Keith start the lengthy hike-a-bike needed to reach our destination.

Rock face ladders and bikes dont make the easiest bedfellows, especially in cleated bike shoes, but with a bit of nerve and a sure grip they can be mastered.

The sun begins to set leaving us a challenge to reach the bivi spot before darkness falls. The trails in Chamonix are not best attempted in the dark.

The last push of an eight-hour epic puts us within a stones throw of our sleeping spot.

Biviing is simple. Arrive, roll out your bed, lie down, sleep. Exhaustion and a sense of jubilation sweep through us on arrival.

After a brew or two, we have just time for a quick lap in front of the Mont Blanc as it burns red in the setting sun.

Sunrise greets uss after a night of freezing temperatures. The reward is still to come: a 4,000-foot singletrack descent to the valley floor.

Low morning light strafes the grass as we begin the descent.

Riding out at first light is easy if you have no email to answer, no kids to drop at school or dishes to be washed first. The beauty of bivi-riding.

Dwarfed by the mighty flanks of Mont Blanc, we snatch glances at our majestic surroundings while trying to keep our focus on the technical descent.