The Most Terrifying Trails Sure To Get Your Heart Racing

Crazy heights, transparent floors and disappearing walkways—it doesn’t get scarier than this

When was the last time you heard your heartbeat rapidly pumping in your ears? If you’re overdue for a thrill, we’ve got the remedy.

When you think of thrilling experiences, you probably don’t immediately think of extreme walkways or epic trails, but there are some crazy paths out there. From planks affixed to the side of a rock face to transparent walkways that peer out to a river and moving traffic—you wouldn’t believe people actually walk on these things.

Thrill seekers from all over have found an interesting hobby and frankly—it’s terrifying. Take a look at some of the most extreme examples of terrifying trails; hopefully you’re not afraid of heights.

Via Ferrate—Italy

This set of routes throughout Italy’s Dolomite Mountains more closely resembles climbing trails than typical walkways. The network of pathways is characterized by a steel cable that visitors latch onto, usually with climbing equipment, which helps when the bridges and footholds turn to pure rock face. The routes vary in length, difficulty and altitude (some routes take climbers up more than 3,000 feet), but none of them should be underestimated—experts say overconfidence is the leading cause of deadly accidents here.

El Caminito del Rey—Spain

El Caminito del Rey, or the King’s Little Pathway, is a narrow walkway set against the walls of a deep gorge that’s been called “the most dangerous path in the world.” Originally constructed in the early 1900s as a route for hydroelectric power plant workers, the meager trail fell into severe disrepair over the course of the century. By the year 2000, following four fatalities in the previous year, the pathway was closed to the public and has been under construction for more than a decade. The site is reportedly set to open this year with fortified paths and safety measures.

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