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The 50 best dog parks in the US
August 16, 2018

Whether you live in a small city apartment or a rural house, dog parks are an attractive option for getting your pup some fresh air, exercise, adventure and socialization with...

Reasons to Drink Water That Have Nothing to Do With Being Thirsty
August 16, 2018

Nowadays you see everyone carrying a bottle of water everywhere. It seems that many people have smartened up and replaced the still profoundly popular but extremely unhealthy soft drinks....

Put These Foods On Your Face for Incredible Skin
August 16, 2018

Skin, the largest organ of the body, is its protective shield against harmful light, heat, and infection. You want to keep it not only healthy, but glowing as well. The...

10 Signs You May Need to See a Therapist
August 15, 2018

We all have our struggles, and some are easier to deal with than others. When a problem becomes overwhelming and our support networks can’t help us overcome it, perhaps...

The Best Time to Visit Iceland & 49 Other Hot Travel Destinations
August 15, 2018

A nice and relaxing vacation is a dream come true, except when you go at the wrong time.

Islands, archipelagos, lake towns, mounatins, beaches – they all boast marvelous surroundings...

You Should Visit These Spots Now That the Crowds Have Left
August 15, 2018

As the end of summer draws nearer, now is the best time to book one last amazing summer vacation. With the season being such a popular time for...

10 Diseases We May Have a Vaccine For Someday
August 14, 2018

Vaccines are medications that help the body fight diseases. The vaccination’s goal is to train the immune system to recognize and destroy harmful substances. There are prevention vaccines and treatment...

secret cruise behaviors
August 14, 2018

Cruises can be the perfect family vacation, a wonderfully romantic getaway, or even just a great way to unwind with a group of friends. It can be possible...

The Most Crowd-Free Spot in Your State
August 14, 2018

Taking a break, whether for the weekend, a week or a month, and going out of town is priceless. Don’t flock to tourist traps like New York or...

reasons off-season travel
August 13, 2018

Of the many mistakes a lot of travelers make, one of the most common is being dismissive of traveling in the off-season....

The 24 absolute best surfing dogs
August 10, 2018

Born in California in 2006, the sport of competitive dog surfing is relatively new but growing quickly, with competitions held in Hawaii, Florida...

Ways the Pool Can Make You Sick
August 10, 2018

Swimming in cool waters under a shining sun is a simple pleasure. Most people escape the heat by jumping in a pool. This is where a red flag is...

Nurses Weigh In: When Is It OK to Send a Sick Kid to School
August 10, 2018

“Mom, Dad… Can I stay home from school today?” Every parent is all too familiar with those words, asked sheepishly by a child who sometimes is legitimately sick —...

These Are Awesome Getaways Near Top College Campuses
August 10, 2018

It’s easy to get restless after studying hard for weeks on end. It’s nice to venture to an incredible weekend destination such as a charming village at the base...

Three Words That Will Improve Your Rowing Technique
August 9, 2018

Reuben Mourad - If there’s one piece of gym equipment that’s misused more than any other, it’s potentially the rower. The ergometer, or erg, as it’s affectionately known by...

The world’s most athletic dog breeds
August 9, 2018

While any individual dog can be energetic and in-shape, certain dogs have been bred to be athletes. Some are brawny bruisers while others are scrappy, lean...

Awesome End-of-Summer Road Trips in the U.S.
August 8, 2018

Now is the time to go on a classic road trip across the country. But don’t just spend time in the car.

Explore the little-known dramatic landscapes and unfrequented...

Scary Things That Happen When You Don’t Wear Sunscreen
August 8, 2018

Ask almost any dermatologist and they’ll tell you that the best type of sunscreen is one that you’ll use consistently every day and that the best wat to protect your...

male doctor heart attack
August 8, 2018

Thought the pay gap was the worst gender disparity going on in America? Think again. According to a recent study released in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy...

affordable summer trips
August 7, 2018

There is quite a bit that goes into planning a summer vacation, from packing for the whole family to navigating busy airports and planning out your...

50 Bucket List Spots You Must See in the U.S.
August 7, 2018

The United States is a gigantic and equally diverse melting pot of scenic lands, beaches, mountains, rivers, bustling, cities, and vast oceans.

The country has a lot of popular and...

Dog breeds that are prone to obesity
August 7, 2018

Obesity is the No. 1 nutritional disease affecting pets today. Most dogs are at risk for obesity, but certain breeds in particular are prone to overeating if...

40 Last-Minute Summer Trips for Every Travel Style
August 6, 2018

Maybe you don’t want to just go to a far-flung location and want to explore and learn about native cultures. Or maybe you don’t want to feel like regular...

How to Live to 100, According to Science
August 6, 2018

Numbers can’t be exact but there are approximately 80,000 centenarians in the U.S., or about 10-20 centenarians per 100,000 population. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates these numbers will top one...