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April 13, 2016

Sometimes we’re all for taking it easy. Going for a long, slow jog or breathing deeply through a restorative yoga class can be just what our bodies need....

February 24, 2014

We’ve all read up on travel advice and that advice has obviously included how to get the best deals on airfare.

January 29, 2016

It is a well-known fact that people should eat healthy food, or at least have a smoothie or chocolate milk, within 30 minutes after a workout so the muscles...

January 22, 2016

The New Year came and went; you may have fallen off and steered away from your weight loss goals. Don’t worry… I am here to get you back on...

April 18, 2016

Europe, often referred to as the Old Continent, undeniably attracts the bulk of the tourists visiting every year with its rich history and famous cities. You’ll most likely...

September 10, 2015

When we think about what it means to be healthy, we tend to first think of obvious things like exercising, eating well and preventing weight gain.

Not that these fundamental...

June 11, 2014

In terms of popularity in the running industry, the stability category is tops. Since these are the models that will provide your feet with a bit of guidance and support, it’s no wonder.

February 25, 2016

Believe it or not, stretching is just as important as regular exercise. So, say goodbye to your tight muscles and limited range of motion. Stretching for only 5-10 minutes...

May 21, 2012

Mountaineer and author David Roberts spent six days this spring exploring his favorit

June 26, 2013

Part of the reason obesity has gone up so much in the past few decades is that we move around less, especially on the job.

December 29, 2015

Are you ready? It’s almost time begin the journey towards your New Year fitness goals.

Reaching your goals is going to take much more than your 45min cardio...

April 7, 2017

National Parks have become a popular escape. They bring a unique variety of gorgeous landscapes, various wildlife, adventure sports, and incredible scenery. No doubt you’ve heard of the Great Smoky...

November 7, 2014

There aren’t too many things that can ruin an otherwise awesome powder day like walking out of the lodge to discover your gear has been stolen.

October 1, 2014

When you think of action cameras, first thought usually brings up the brand GoPro.

December 18, 2013

By now you've surely heard about all the exceptional advantages of high intensity interval workouts.

February 13, 2016

Have you ever noticed how sometimes after lunch your belly is three times bigger than usual up to a point where you have to unbutton your pants? You don’t understand...

September 30, 2013

In the running community, there’s a small group of serious runners who look down upon the practice of plugging in a pair of headphones before hitting the road.

September 14, 2016

The expression “you are what you eat” is a cliché because it is true. The worse food you put in your body, the worse you will feel. People usually...

September 27, 2016

Part of every trip to an unfamiliar destination is a visit to one or two tourist traps. While some of them must be avoided at all times and costs,...

July 6, 2015

In the height of summer, with many people enjoying the outdoors, accidents are bound to happen. One such accident that many hikers fear is a run-in with a venomous snake.

June 24, 2014

Runners; we’re a strong, determined group of athletes.

May 17, 2016

Diabetes, the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S., is not a disease of blood sugar. If that was the case and eating too much sweet stuff caused the...

July 15, 2016

“Superfood” is not a scientific term. It is a clever marketing label used to describe produce and other items in grocery stores that are rich in nutrients that help lower...

July 14, 2016

Natural probiotics are found in the body. People actually have over 1,000 different species of bacteria in the gut, and everybody has a unique combination of between 250 and...