#10 Chicago from Most Popular July 4th Destinations

Most Popular July 4th Destinations

#10 Chicago

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The windy city is the tenth most popular choice for domestic travel on July 4th with average round-trip airfare at about $335 and the average cost of a hotel room at $170 per night.

#9 Washington, DC


The nation’s capital is a great destination for celebrating Independence Day. Travelocity estimates the average cost of round-trip airfare to be $345 and the average nightly hotel rate to be $170.

#8 San Francisco


Definitely not the cheapest option, San Francisco is still a popular spot, coming in as the eighth most popular domestic destination for July 4th travel. Prices are a bit higher in San Francisco, with average airfare coming in at $400 and a typical nightly hotel rate of $210.

#7 Denver


Those making their way to Denver for Independence Day can expect to pay around $350 for round-trip airfare and $155 per night to stay in a hotel.

#6 Boston


Round-trip airfare to Boston is going for around $360 and travelers can expect to pay an additional $230 per night to stay.

#5 South Florida

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The beaches and cities in South Florida will be bustling with tourists for July 4th. Those looking for a round-trip ticket will be paying around $340 and tourists searching for a hotel will see prices of around $170 a night.

#4 Seattle


Travelers headed to Seattle for the holiday will be paying big bucks for a seat on a flight, an average of $420 round-trip, says Travelocity. Hotels will cost roughly $190 a night.

#3 Orlando

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It’s no wonder that Orlando came in as a top destination for the 4th of July, since Disney World is well-known for their elaborate fireworks shows. Whether travelers are planning on seeing mickey or the city at large, they can expect to pay around $340 in airfare and roughly $130 to stay overnight.

#2 Los Angeles

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If you’re looking to spend the fourth in this popular West Coast destination, expect to pay around $370 for a round-trip flight and $165 for a hotel room.

#1 New York City


The city that never sleeps is the perfect location for fireworks and summer celebration. According to Travelocity, New York City is the number one destination for Independence Day travelers, Coney Island draws visitors with their Independence Day attractions and events. Those making the trip will see airfare at about $340 (which is below the national average) and nightly hotel rates of around $236.