The Most Inspirational Running Instagrams

The Most Inspirational Running Instagrams


“Sometimes I run over mountains and into sunrises,” says ultra-runner Gary Robbin’s Instagram bio. Seriously, if that’s not inspirational then we don’t know what is. He’s run seven ultra-races so far this year and his profile is a mosaic of exquisite mountaintop views and ravishingly rugged landscapes.


Dorothy Beal has completed 24 marathons, blogs about running at, is the creator of the #irunthisbody brand, and was recently featured on the cover of Women’s Running. Oh yeah, and she’s also a mother of three. (Check out her stroller running records!) Earlier this month she was invited to Kona by Timex to blog about the Ironman World Championships (where this photo of her was taken), and her Instagram page is updated daily with motivational snapshots from her day to day life, which includes lots and lots of running, obviously.


Most athletes shy away from travelling while in the midst of marathon training, but not Amanda. Like Dorothy, she was also invited by Timex to blog about the Ironman World Championships from Kona earlier this month, but she didn’t let her trip to paradise take away from her 2014 NYC Marathon training schedule. As she shared spectacular snapshots of some of the world’s most elite triathletes, she continued to inspire other runners by also posting about her training runs, one of which happened to be 20 miles long.


On, runners can trade in their old sneakers for a new pair. And the old kicks? Kind Runner donates them to people in need. Runners are a rather philanthropic community of athletes and the Kind Runner Instagram page is inspiring even more runners to give back.


There’s nothing not inspirational about a mom of two who’s also an Ironman triathlete, ultra-runner, marathoner, running coach, and army veteran. Michele Gonzalez’s photo feed is decorated with running recaps and motivational graphics that without a doubt will get you revved up to run. Plus, she also shares a ton of adorable pictures of her too-cute kids.


Brooks is all about running happy. After all, that is the idea behind their slogan and the beloved shoe brand's Instagram feed never fails to emulate that. The best part about it is that their feed is mostly made up of photos from their fans. They share the love by reposting all the best photos from the most blissful Brooks-lovers of the Insta-verse.


As its name so succinctly implies, this profile is all about the runners of Instagram. Managed by user @alexoli, InstaRunners is a sensational stream of photos reposted from Instagram’s most enthusiastic runners. This image in particular comes from the dazzling profile of Oregon trail-runner, @mtnaltruist. For a chance to be featured on their page (which has 27,000+ followers) tag your next running-related shot with the "#InstaRunners" hash tag.


Everybody knows that runners and fit freaks love inspiring imagery and motivational quotes, which probably explains why this profile is so popular. Running Sayings is your one stop Instagram shop for nothing but imagery and quotes about the greatness of going the extra mile and waking up to run before the sun. Or as the Instagram running community would call it, “#runspo.”


How’s this for motivation? During the month of October Sam Lambooy challenged his followers to run a 5K every day. And not only did he present this "#5kchallenge," but he stood up to it, too. Next month, his "#ActiveNovember" challenge (which he’s hosting with Instagram user @betsyfry) invites fit-minded followers to workout (any way they like) every single day of the month. So, if you need someone to remind you to keep moving as the weather starts getting chilly, Sam is so your boy.


You don’t need to be from New York to feel like NYRR is worthy of an Insta-follow. Fill your feed with snapshots of some of the world’s most elite runners, swoon-worthy urban running routes, and even some inspirational stories from everyday NYRR racers. Plus, this week they’re gearing up for the NYC Marathon on Nov. 3 and sharing some exciting behind the scenes shots that any runner would squeal over.


Runspiration is exactly what it sounds like, "visual inspiration to help you achieve your running aspirations." This profile is the perfect picture of all that embodies "#runspo." It includes everything from customized graphics (made by's @leximaven) to motivational quotes and even features photos of a few fellow runners and their encouraging stories.


OK, so the F3 community isn't just about runners, but that doesn't mean it's not absolutely inspiring. It's comprised of all kinds of athletes like, Ironman triathletes, newbie runners, cyclists, and ultra-runners. Bill Voong, one of the community's original members said, "We came together after I realized there was a group of us that was consistently getting things 'done' with an uplifting, amazing and responsible attitude..." This photo from their profile is a collage made up of a few of the community's founding members doing what they do best, going faster and further, forever.