The Most Incredible Photo You’ll See All Day

Stunning wide-angle surf shot captures epic barrel at the end of the rainbow

Surfing is a sport that generates more than its fair share of gorgeous photography—check out the work of our own Chris Burkard if you need a refresher. But this wide-angle photo, taken by French-Tahitian photog Ben Thouard during this week’s swell at Tahiti’s big wave, Teahupoo, is too stunning to be called simply a surf shot: The surfer getting barreled by an angry opaline giant of a wave is almost an afterthought to the shot’s marriage of “postcard perfection,” as Surfer Magazine calls it, and journalistic scene-setting. And there’s a rainbow!

Click through to see the full-size version at the magazine’s website (© Ben Thouard):

Credit: Surfer Magazine / Ben Thouard

The huge swell, which watchers say is producing one of the most thrilling sessions in years, has attracted big wave surfers from around the globe, including all-around surf legend Laird Hamilton and two of our AT50 athletes, Maya Gabeira and Mark Healey.

Image courtesy of Ben Thouard Photography. See more of his work on Facebook.

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