The $20K Triathlete: The Best Gear Money Can Buy

Your body will be hurting, sure, but your bank account will suffer even more

Signing up to race triathlons is more than a physical commitment; it’s a financial one, too (did you see that entry fee?!). A swim-bike-run can put just as much strain on your wallet as it puts on your muscles.

Sure, it’s possible to compete on a shoestring budget, but if you’re a Type-A hedgefunder looking to shave off every possible second, you’ll willingly pay up... big time. The five biggest-ticket items—bike, aero helmet, bike shoes, wetsuit and shades—alone cost enough to put mere mortals out on the street, but it's all of the little necessaries that will truly bleed you dry. High-tech running shoes, water belts, head-cooling beanies, compression socks (who knew socks made you faster?), transformer backpacks… this is the stuff that wins races. Well, maybe that and countless hours of grueling training. You knew you were a masochist, but are you ready to really pay?

Gearheads, rejoice! Here are some of the most expensive—and, yes, best—triathlon accessories available.

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