Women's Triathlon Gear Gets an Update

Melissa Moo's designs are made for athletic women of all shapes and sizes

As Melissa Moo prepared for her first and second Ironman, she made a sad observation: Most gear was not made for the average woman.

“A lot of brands fit really small,” she said. “We’re not all size 0 profesional triathletes.”

When Moo left the world of finance to attend Parsons School of Design in 2010, she decided to create a line of clothing that would fit women of various sizes. She named the brand Moo Motion.

“I wanted something for more body types that would get women out to train and to feel good about themselves,” she said.

Using fabric sourced from Italy, Moo crafted four styles including cycling tops, jerseys and shorts. The designs were exactly what she’d wanted: Straightforward and understated apparel that was flattering, fit true to size, performed well, and was made for women’s curves. At her third Ironman, Moo was finally able to try out the new line. When other women rode or ran up to ask where she had purchased her outfits, Moo knew she was onto something.

I tried Moo Motion's Stamina style on a recent long ride to see how the design would fare. Not only did the clothing fit my body snugly and comfortably, but I fell in love with the simple, color-blocked design (see below). A few of my favorite features were the extra wide, extra comfortable waist band in the shorts and the built-in shelf bra. 

Today, Moo rides her Schwinn bike from her home in Lower Manhattan to the Garment District each day to work with local producers on her 2014 line. For more information about current or forthcoming designs, or for a look at more styles, check out Moo Motion’s website.

Stamina by Moo Motion.