Meet the New (Trail) Boss

Staff Writer
This innovative tool leaves fewer excuses to neglect trails
Trail Boss

Tired of seeing your local trails erode and wash away? Avid mountain bike rider and occasional trail maintenance volunteer Bill Hasenjaeger was, too. But rather than grouse about the problem he came up with a solution. Behold the Trail Boss, a portable, professional-grade trail tool that employs a modular design that allows it to break down small enough to fit into most day packs. The heart of the Trail Boss lies in its sturdy threaded aluminum couplers, which fasten together its fiberglass sections to produce a full-length handle that according to Hasenjaeger, is sturdy enough for the rigorous job of cutting trail.

The Trail Boss is currently compatible with four tool attachments—a McLeod, a pick/mattock, an axe/mattock and a 13-inch Corona pull-saw blade—each of which see for $55 apiece. A fifth, shovel-head attachment, is in development. The fiberglass sections themselves (available in 12- or 16-inch lengths) sell for $45 each. It doesn’t take long to stat adding up to an expensive proposition, but Hasenjaeger backs his work by a three-year guarantee, and there’s simply nothing else that comes close to this rugged and lightweight design. Complete packages start at $195 with a single tool head. Bring this cool collapsible landscaping tool on your next ride or hike—your trails will thank you.