Surfer McNamara Talks About His 100-Foot Wave

Addresses controversy over the incredible ride at Nazare

Ever since January 28, now called "Big Monday" by surfers, the question has been on observers' minds: was the wave Garrett McNamara rode really 100 feet

EpicTV recently caught up with McNamara and asked him this question.

"I never claimed the wave to be a hundred feet," said McNamara, 45, a smile sneaking onto his face. "I claimed to have had a lot of fun on it."

But he has this tasty nugget to add:

"When I first caught that wave it was twice as big as that picture going around the world."

The world gaped in January when Billabong released a photo showing a microscopic-looking McNamara riding down the face of a wave reported to be 100 feet tall, off of Nazare, Portugal. If that number holds up to scrutiny, McNamara will have officially demolished the standing record of 78 feet, which he set in 2011, also in Nazare.

How did his Big Monday wave compare to that one from 2011?

"It definitely felt bigger."

All said, McNamara seems pretty sanguine about the whole thing.


"If I had my choice to surf the biggest wave ever or the most perfect barrel, I would choose the barrel."