Man Runs Seven Ultra-Marathons in Five Days

Andrew Murray finishes the runs two days earlier than expected
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When Andrew Murray set out to run seven consecutive ultra-marathons in seven days on seven continents, many wondered whether the feat was logistically and physically possible.

Well, not only did the Scottish GP complete his mission, but he finished two days faster than anticipated.

Murray started the challenge in the Antarctic Ice Marathon on Union Glacier and then went on to complete runs in Puntarenas, Argentina, Atlanta, GA., London, Egypt, Dubai, and finally Sydney, Australia. He crossed the last finish line on Nov. 29. 

The time limit wasn’t just about the challenge, according to an interview on Fox news. 

“It was about me wanting to see some iconic and spectacular places all within the two-week vacation I had,” Murray said.  

The mission was part of an effort to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity. Murray works for the Scottish government as the country’s Physical Activity Champion, an appointment he received in 2012 after running from the far north of Scotland to Merzouga in the Moroccan Sahara desert, averaging 34 miles over 78 consecutive days.

According to Dr. Murray, 30 minutes of exercise per day can cut your chances of a premature death by 30 percent. 

Via World News Australia.



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