Man Runs Marathon Wearing a Suit

Bid for the Guinness World Record ends with major pit stains

Murphy looking good (credit: Columbia Missourian)

On Monday, Steven Manofsky buttoned up his collared shirt, tied his tie, pulled on a tan suit jacket—but this University of Missouri grad student wasn’t heading to class or an interview. He was lining up at the start of the Heart of America Marathon in Columbia, Missouri. Manofsky’s goal: To beat the world record for the fastest marathon time while donning a suit.

It was an odd decision, considering Manofsky’s personal best marathon time sans formal wear (3:36:00) still fell 10 seconds short of the current record. And the humid, 80-degree weather didn't improve his odds. Nevertheless, the 22-year-old set out with his eyes on the prize.

The results may seem obvious. And they were.

In the first several miles, Manofsky threw up a grand total of six times. At that point, he said, he decided to take it easy. He wasn’t kidding. At mile 18, Manofsky cracked open the first of five beers he would finish before the end of the race (looks like he may need to take some lessons from Beer Mile record holder, Nick Symmonds).

After 5:06:09, the fallen hero crossed the finish line, a far cry from the 3:24:46 record set by Irish runner Paul Buchanan in October 2009 at the Lifestyles Sports–Adidas Dublin Marathon.

But at least Manofsky finished in style.

Via Runner's World.