Man Does 2,501 Pull-Ups in 15 Hours

Ohio man raises money, makes you feel puny, in charity stunt

How many pull-ups can you do before your shoulders feel like they’re about to burst from their sockets? Maybe 100 in reps of ten, if you’re reasonably fit?

For everyone that answer is different, but for very, very few is that answer 2,501 in 15 hours.

Personal trainer Paul “Theo” Theodore of Westlake, Ohio, did just that on February 9 in an attempt to break the world record of 4,020 pull-ups in 24 hours set by Great Britain’s Stephen Hyland in July 2011.

The effort was organized as a fundraiser called “Pull-ups for Zoe,” which raised $25,000—roughly ten dollars per pull-up—for a Cleveland-area children’s hospital, in the name of teen cystic fibrosis patient Zoe Watterson.

“I had originally thought I would get to 2,000 reps pretty quickly, in about 6 to 7 hours, and then battle it out from there,” Theodore told Men's Health.

At 700 reps, blisters threatened his run, but a quick tape job from his pit crew gave his hands new life.

Then, as he recounted on his fitness studio FitMeUp’s blog, “1,300 reps put me in a vulnerable position. Somewhere along the way I neglected proper hydration and nutrition. My body [wore] down.”

“My shoulders and biceps became extremely tight and were on the verge of tearing. For the last 800 reps, just reaching up for the bar was painful. But I kept pulling myself up for Zoe," he told

Theodore isn’t the first to try to beat Hyland’s incredible record. Navy SEAL David Goggins of Chula Vista, CA, made a go on the Today Show in September of last year, hitting 2,588 before injuring his wrist.

Via Men's Health.