Bike Lanes in the Sky in London?

Proposal would elevate and separate bike lanes

Ever feel like the streets are too crowded to accommodate cars, pedestrians and bikes? Well, London Mayor Boris Johnson thinks so, and to fix the problem, he’s not looking forward—he’s looking up.

The proposal is called SkyCycle, and it was developed by architect Sam Martin and a colleague a few years ago. Working with the mayor and city officials, the team hopes to create an infrastructure of elevated bike lanes that connect all major city hubs using a combination of abandoned rail lines and some new construction. Cyclists would pay a small fee to use them (around $1.50 per ride), and the lanes would, theoretically, have perks that street-level lanes simply cannot provide.

“We are talking about a new infrastructure for commuters that guarantees safety and will be quicker than taking public transport,” said Martin, also the director of Exterior Architecture, who noted that he gave up cycling in the city because he felt it was too dangerous.

According to The Daily Mail, feasibility studies are already underway and the process is “going well.” While the project could cost "tens of millions of pounds," Martin believes that a corporate sponsor might help fund the project.

Will it work? And will the plan even get, ahem, off the ground? Who knows. But, I hope they try (and then, that the U.S. takes note).