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Scavenger Hunts Are a Simple Way to Keep Your Kids Entertained This Summer

Let your kids go scavenging

Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have resorted to keeping fun activities for their kids inside of their homes, especially if they don’t have a yard. But, if you do have a yard, there are plenty of backyard activities that you can do to entertain your kids while they enjoy nature. 

The Best Indoor Activities for Kids Stuck at Home

If your kids love nature, running around outside and looking for things, a scavenger hunt could be the perfect activity for them. Scavenger hunts can include looking for a myriad of objects or other things. You can have a nature scavenger hunt where your kids can look for specific flowers, types of leaves, spiderwebs, bugs and even uniquely shaped rocks.

But you can also have a scavenger hunt where you hide some of their favorite toys outside and have them look for them. If you are feeling really generous, hide some nice treats, prizes or presents for them to find and be surprised. There is no end to what you can hide for a scavenger hunt. 


Organizing a scavenger hunt for your kids is just one of the many ways you can entertain your kids this summer.